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One of the areas in Canada where individuals can look to buy a home is the Edmonton Area. Edmonton is a beautiful Canadian paradise near the Canadian Rockies and boasts a comfortable annual average temperature of 64 degrees. Edmonton is a highly popular area in which to buy a home because it is popular with visitors and those who are wishing to live in the area long term. Those who are already in Edmonton or who are looking for real estate in the area may have encountered the name Sam Ireland.

Who is Sam Ireland (SamIreland.ca) is a hard working man involved in real estate in Edmonton.  Sam maintains the best interests of his fellow Albertan’s at heart. Sam is a native of Alberta and real estate has long been his passion. He is a realtor who is very familiar with the area and who can make your next home his first priority. Make sue you have the best realtor when you opt to look at at buying prime real estate. One who is looking out for your best interests is native son Sam Ireland.

He knows he whole Edmonton area well. When you are looking for real estate Sam Ireland is one of the professionals you may need. This is one of the realtors who can help you find just the right dwelling. He can help you with the housing options you are trying to find as Sam knows every portion of Alberta. Using Same Ireland can hep you find the perfect home for your family as he knows the Edmonton Metro are so well an is a family man himself.

Make sure that you get the options you need when you are looking for a home in the area. Sam’s roots run deep. He has lived all over the Alberta area and he knows the territory and the properties well. Sam in a natural salesman and sold 12 home within 16 weeks of getting his real estate license. This is one of the great things to note about Sam. Sam has a special fondness for Sturgeon County in the greater Edmonton area, and knows Northern and Western parts of the city well. He is someone who has a strong familiarity with all of the properties in the region and can help you and your family find the property that is right for you.

These are just some of he reasons to consider buying your real estate with the assistance one of the areas leading realtors Sam Ireland. This is the real estate professional who has your needs and the needs of you family at heart. Sam has been a top realty executive and in the 100 percent club since his first days as a realtor. Whether helping someone to sell their home for more than they imagined possible or to buy a great home in Alberta, Sam Ireland is the professional who can get this done for you. He is the person to look to, to make sure you get your needs met when it comes to selling or buying a home or property in Alberta.

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Ten Tips to Keep Your Vancouver Renovation Budget Intact

Renovations in the Vancouver area can transform your home and they can also add value to the home. Sometimes all an old home requires is little renovations to give it the warmth and comfort that every homeowner desires. A budget is important even during the renovations and the secret should be to remain within the budget limits that you set. Here are tips by The Reno King Vancouver Renovations on how you can make sure that it remains intact:

1. Do the cost estimations right. This is something that might require a lot of research. You must begin by knowing what kind of renovations you need within the home, the materials that will be needed and also determine the costs of hiring renovators. The internet can make it very easy for you to estimate costs especially on the materials that you need for the project, and give you the proper language you need to speak to your general contractor.

2. Have a reasonable contingency. This will cushion you in cases where the project costs don’t go as expected. It is advisable to add 10% or 20% to the quoted prices to act as buffer just in case.

3. Compare renovation materials. This is very important considering that same materials can cost differently from store to store or hardware to hardware. By taking time to make comparisons, you stand the chance to find quality materials at reduced or discounted prices.

4. Buy directly from manufactures. When trying to make sure your renovations budget stays intact, consider getting the materials you need directly from the manufacturers if possible. You will always enjoy better prices when the supply chain is reduced. This can especially be helpful when buying certain materials in bulk.

5. Consider reclaimed fittings and furniture. They are cheaper and can work just as well with only a few changes needed. For instance, fresh painting is all you might need to do to make reclaimed furniture look amazing.

6. Hire affordable renovators. Luckily, there are many construction companies offering different services including renovations at affordable prices. You can find quality services at a reasonable service charge.

7. Mix and match materials. Instead of going for all expensive materials, try and mix up expensive and cheap. This way, you will have a great finish and still manage to remain within your budget limits.

8. DIY whenever you can. Some of the renovation procedures you can easily handle to cut on costs include decorating, digging trenches, laying wooden floors and ripping out your old bathrooms and grouting and tiling among others. As long as no special skills are required to handle the procedure, try and handle it yourself.

9. Work with what you have. Not every material or item will be useless when doing a renovation. Therefore, try and evaluate what you have to see if you can still use them for the renovations and still get good results. Sometimes a few changes in positioning or look is all you need to do to reuse a piece of furniture or construction material successfully.

10. Stick to the initial plan. However great you feel the renovation is going, avoid making any changes to the initial plan. Making plan changes last minute can be costly and should therefore be avoided.

Check out vancouver renovations for more information.

Hair Salon Uses Phosphate Free Products

hairfxWe visited St. Albert Hair FX about a week ago.  They are a Hair Salon located in St, Albert, Alberta Canada and we met with the owner.  Ken has owned the salon for over 15 years and is now considered a Master Stylist in his field.

He seems to really know his hair cutting and dying techniques as he ended up doing a cut, style and hair color while we were there.  He was extremely knowledgeable with technique and shared all of his info on how to style hair as he was doing it.  He also explained a lot about dying and coloring trends and current techniques to achieve a certain look popular in todays trendy LA/Hollywood fashions.

His tools were all up to date, including a digital touch screen hair dryer, and certain levels of hair styling combs to achieve desired effects.  Of course, he once again explained the use of the tool, and the proper technique for certain hair styles.

Curling hair after 6 inches, bringing hair up and heating in direction of curl were just some of his ideas he shared, and demonstrated.

The studio its self was modern and stylish with a lot of chrome hardware, industrial type lighting and decor, mixed with the aroma of sulphate free hair sprays, parabin free products and Argan Oil’s for hair strength and shine.

So it was a great and knowledgeable visit, and if you get the chance I highly reccomend that you stop in for a visit if you are int he St Albert area, and need a hair cut, style, trim or color.

For being a product, client, and environmentally responsible practice, we award St Albert Hair FX the BCE Award in the hair styling category for Commitment to the Environment!

Please visit St Albert Hair FX here.

Energy Boosting Foods – Bonus Health Do’s and Don’ts

Just as the environment is important to everything on this planet, our health should be extremely important to us. Below are some health do’s and don’ts that we should all think about implementing more often. And I would definitely recommend that you check out this article on Best Energy Boosting Food. Because we all know we could use some more energy. Enjoy!

Health do’s and don’ts

  • Make sure you eat more raw vegetables. Eat as much as you can possibly eat. They are full of nutrients and nutrients that help to keep the body strong and healthy.
  • Eat less processed or refined foods.
  • Eat more and more fruits to help in keeping you healthy and supporting your immune system to develop very well.
  • Make sure you take at least 8 clean glassed of water every single day. Water helps to make sure the body is not dehydrated. Also, it helps to give your body perfection and also cleans the body from all toxins brought out by urinating.
  • Make sure you always eat your breakfast.
  • Make sure you do not eat heavy supper.

Check out this link for even more info on healthy eating.

Android Phones Need A Little Help With File Transfers

Android mobile phones are gaining popularity in the cell phone market in a very large way.  They have taken over a lot of the market share from Apple but they still have one short coming among them that needs to be worked out.

Windows systems work quite well communicating with the Android OS, but the Mac falls a little short with only one software application available to help users transfer their files.  There are plenty of cell phone apps available to help manage files on the device, but still users would like to make back ups to their laptops, PC’s and Macs.

Android file transfer options are quite plenty, but the best seems to be the MobileGo software application by software guru’s Wondershare.  It installs onto any Windows machine and easily communications with your Android device to seamlessly transfer files, photos, media and even contact cards, texts and emails.

If you are in the market for an excellent file transfer software for PC, then check out Wondershare and see for yourself how amazing this software can be!

Position One Marketing – An Edmonton Based SEO Company

PositionOneMarketing is a fairly new Edmonton & Area based SEO Company and Digital Media Expert.  They started in 2012 quietly but so far already in 2014 they have done some pretty amazing projects with their new clients.

As an Edmonton SEO Company, they typically seek out business owners who wish to have their business companies name show up on the first page of Google when a potential new customer searches for them by the service they offer.

For example, if you were looking for “seo company edmonton” that would assume that you wanted SEO services, but off the top of your head didn’t know of a company who offered them, or simply wanted to find and review potential companies online.

Another more simple example would be a person who performs a search for “landscaping companies edmonton”.  What do you think they are looking for?  If you owned a landscaping company in edmonton, wouldn’t you want to be right there on Page 1 presented to that person at that time!

That’s what SEO is, and that’s what Position One Marketing has done so well with the few amount of clients they have.  They got them on Page 1.  And now with results like that, they are bound to be a busier and busier company in the very near future.

So congrats to you guys and gals!

- BCEAwards Team