Month: January 2017

The Impressive Improvements To Help Xbox Gamers

img1Xbox is a very successful and popular video gaming brand that owes its origin to Microsoft. It was first launched on 15th November, 2001. At present, Xbox offers different video gaming consoles such as Xbox One and Xbox 360. The Xbox users can get detailed information about the services and the video games of this brand by contacting the Xbox customer service department. It was in the year 2002 when the original Xbox was launched in the UK. This original Xbox completely changed the entire video console gaming arena. This original Xbox was powerful with its Xbox Live service allowing players to enjoy online gaming either with or without a broadband connection.

Of late, there are some massive improvements and upgrades that have been introduced by the Xbox customer service department for helping the Xbox gamers with their game playing sessions. One of the major developments that have taken place in the Xbox customer service department is that the entire department has grown massively. There are thousands of people presently employed in the customer care department of Xbox making it very easy for the users to get their queries and problems solved within seconds. There are even retail stores and outlets for Xbox which has further made it easy for the users to get direct customer support without wasting much time.


The Xbox customer service number is 08702806358. You can call this number 24/7 and get viable answers for all the questions that you might be having as an Xbox user. Here, we will look at what the customer care officials have to say about the major improvements and upgrades that have been made in Xbox customer service for complete satisfaction of the Xbox users. Customer care officials from Xbox say that they have the all new Chat with Microsoft upgrade. This upgrade enables the users to sign in and provide details of the issue that they are facing, that’s it. This improvement enables the users to discuss their issues in details which further helps them in getting the right answers without wasting much time.

Company officials further claim that Xbox customer service department has the Request a Call improvement. This improvement has also been made for making customer experience better for the Xbox users. There is the Click to Call feature where the Xbox customer service representatives call the users and start working on the different issues that they might be having. In this procedure, any one of the representatives from the customer care department pulls up the account of the user and solves the problem that the user might be having.

The Xbox customer service has probably improved the lives and the experiences of the Xbox users in a number of ways. Apart from the improved games that the users are getting, there is the customer service department that can be contacted on issues like watching video content which include movies and television shows, use of graphics, systems and memory. Improved technology used by the customer care executives at Xbox customer service further helps in enhancing the experience of the customers.