UK Leak Detection Company That’s Environmentally Friendly!

Are you surprised by increasing water bills swallowing your hard-earned money? Or are you approaching winter and you know your central heating system isn’t going to hold up? These lingering questions should make you alarmed. This is because there might be a leak in your system, and soon you will be forced to call upon professional to fix the problem. We learned the hard way. Our company has relied on London Leak Location Experts, ADI Leak Detection to keep our building leak free! When looking for a UK leak detection company we wanted to make sure you were armed with tips. This is what we’ve come to expect from them.

1) Timely response
You can always count on 24/7 rapid response from their experts. To be truthful, most companies are usually not qualified to handle leaking jobs. You will be surprised that they cannot repair or identify the source of a simple leaking problem.


2) Care for the environment
Our company is green. It’s an initiative we’ve undertaken, and it was important to find a company that respects the environment. ADI Leak Detection was able to use environmentally safe technologies like the thermal image cameras to zero-in on the leak. There was not a need to uproot and disturb the environment. No unnecessary excavation and waste. We were terrified when we saw that London water companies were receiving exorbitant fines for not adhering to environmental standards. We were not going to be among these offenders

3) Use of latest technologies
We were impressed with the latest technologies this company used to find the troublesome leaks. We found that most engineers were relying on their gut instincts to find exposures that were not even close to accurate. Thermal image cameras and listening devices were just some of the techniques we were shown.


4) Experience
This is critical. We are in business to make money, and we can’t use a company that doesn’t have the expertise to handle their duties. We don’t have the time to micromanage jobs and give input. It was important we worked with engineers that specialized knowledge and were the leaders in their field.

5) Offer a variety of leak repair services
We had no sense of the services we needed to protect our building. We knew that we had a leak because our water bill skyrocketed, but we had no idea what exact type of service was required. We knew we needed a team to be mobile and be able to handle the job. ADI offered several service packages and options. We are now using their maintenance package to protect and monitor leaks on our building.

If you are looking for London Leak Location Experts dedicated to their customers and can handle the job, we suggest ADI. They’ve always treated us fair and the bids they offer are consistent with the industry.


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