What To Do When Your Business Rental Car Breaks Down

When you’re on a business trip in Phoeix, you most likely have a lot of things on your mind. However, you probably don’t expect your rental car to break down. We like to think bad situations will never happen to us, but the fact is that they do, and we need to be prepared, if and when they arrive. 25th Street Automotive, the best Phoenix auto repair company, deals with breakdowns on a regular basis, and explain below some crucial steps you must take to ensure you get your rental car fixed, and get you safe.

No matter what the situation is, the first action you should take when a breakdown occurs is getting your car as far off the road as possible. This will keep you out of harms way and allow you to put on the hazard lights to warn any other cars on the road. Once you are safely pulled over, you should call for assistance. In the case of driving a business rental car, most likely you are out of town and far away from family. If you feel like you are in any danger or experiencing an injury, you should alert the necessary authorities as soon as possible. If you feel you are safe, don’t attempt to get out and fix the car yourself.car_broken_down_side_of_the_road

The rental insurance will likely cover any damage so the best thing you can do here is call a trustworthy local shop like Phoenix auto repair company, 25th Street Automotive. They  can get to you as soon as possible and assess the problem.

If at all possible, try to stay in the car and avoid leaving the area for any reason. Stay calm and be patient until the Phoenix auto repair company comes to help. The road can throw some unpredictable dilemmas at us, especially if we are in an unfamiliar environment, like the Arizona desert. That’s why it is important to be mindful of your surroundings and always be prepared when driving your car, whether you own it or not. For additional tips check out AAA breakdown basics.


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